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Health and safety

At Unigesco, worker health and safety on our sites is our top priority and we do more than meet the requirements set by laws and regulations. We have established a prevention policy with goals that exceed industry regulations. To meet these objectives, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to following safety instructions, and our projects are subject to the highest occupational health and safety standards.


Every task deserves to be completed with care. We may talk the talk, but we also walk the walk . Quality, results, and sustainability are woven into every detail of our projects. Our relentless attention to all these details defines us, motivates us, and—above all—it means we can be proud of the work we deliver. We aim for the highest quality standards, while staying true to the needs of each building. From planning to execution, all team members share this wholehearted commitment to quality. We believe that this commitment is the foundation underlying our enduring relationships with clients, and it is the reason they trust us to carry out their projects.

Giving back

At Unigesco, our commitment to people goes beyond our relationships with our employees, clients, and subcontractors. We are certain that we can make a difference as a corporate citizen. In concrete terms, we chose to get involved in our metropolitan community by supporting mental health and homelessness initiatives in Montréal.

Let’s Bond

Let’s Bond is a collective of young Montréal business people who believe that great things happen when we work together. The organization’s mission is to create unforgettable events that generate a dialogue around mental health. Donations collected are given directly to the Jeunes en tête foundation and the Douglas Foundation, to raise awareness and fund research.

In 2021, Unigesco partnered with Let’s Bond at the Biner X Let’s Bond virtual marathon on December 18, 2021. In addition to presenting and sponsoring the event, we put together a team of 8 employees and partners who took turns participating in the 12 hours of Bootcamp workshops and raising more than $5,000.


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