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Construction Project Management

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Unigesco offers a full range of construction services. We provide custom, innovative solutions for every client, which means that we can recommend the building approach that is the best fit for your needs. This is how we guide each client towards success.
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With a fixed cost established from the outset, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises. We assess the price of your project based on the plans and quotes you provide. Access a construction rate that is both fixed and competitive. The contractor takes on all budgetary risks.

Unigesco takes responsibility for planning and carrying out all construction work. Our experts prepare a preliminary plan for the work, manage costs throughout the project, and ensure that deadlines are met. Throughout the project, we are by your side, providing advice.

We manage all aspects of your construction project, throughout every stage of the project. Whether you are considering your budget, choosing professionals, comparing materials, selecting and managing subcontractors, managing the work site, tracking deadlines, etc., Unigesco is the right team to support you; we’ll be there from the development hypothesis until the project delivery. This way of working ensures peace of mind for you, as the fixed price is set from the start, thus eliminating any financial risks that you would otherwise be exposed to.

Real Estate Development

Do you have a project in mind, but don’t know where to start? In addition to managing construction projects, Unigesco can support you in all phases of your real estate development project. We keep an eye out for market opportunities and have an extensive network of partners that could be a good fit for you.
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Our approach is focused on understanding your project and its specificities, which means we can carry out real estate projects that are tailored to your needs. We have access to a range of multidisciplinary resources, ready to help you get through all the steps.

Our experts are here to support you and bring you peace of mind at every stage of the process, thanks to relationships based on trust.

  • Prospecting for land (land surveys and site characterization studies)
  • Choosing land, and consultations in the acquisition process
  • Developing the pro forma for your real estate project
  • Assessing financing solutions and packages
  • Evaluating potential construction costs; developing and running a budget
  • Developing preliminary plans and seeking out professionals
  • From A to Z: implementation, turnkey construction, and project delivery

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