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NEW MANDATE: Development of the Ax-C Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space

NEW MANDATE: Development of the Ax-C Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space

Montreal, February 2, 2024 - Unigesco has just won an $18.3M contract with the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) for the development of the Ax-C Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space. The new Ax-C center will be constructed in the Victoria Place tower, on the site of the former stock exchange floor.

Starting in 2025, the Ax-C Space will stand out as a hub of innovation, bringing together under one roof key players from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their mission will be to create an international caliber environment that is both inspiring and inclusive, to propel high-potential tech startups to growth. By bringing together diverse talents, the Ax-C Space will stimulate innovation, provide essential support, and facilitate the commercialization of innovative ideas, both locally and internationally.

The involvement of the entire Unigesco team in this significant project, at the heart of Montreal's dynamic Downtown, reflects a passion for excellence and entrepreneurial innovation. It is an honor to participate in the construction of this unique space, a true incubator for future successes.


About Unigesco

Unigesco is a dynamic and efficient company that combines the strength and depth of large organizations with the personalized service of a small team. Driven by passion, motivated by excellence, and the development of its teams, Unigesco carries out major construction projects.


About ÉTS

Since its inception, ÉTS has been committed to university teaching and research in applied engineering and technology, with the goal of technological and economic development in Quebec. Ax-C fully aligns with this strategic vision, which advocates innovation and boldness in carrying out teaching, research, and technology transfer activities.


📸 Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneaux, architectes



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