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29.53 Campus MIL

For 29.53—the imposing piece by artist Patrick Bernatchez—Unigesco was commissioned to manage both design and installation on behalf of the City of Montréal. This work, representing the duration of a complete lunar cycle, i.e., 29.53 days, is made up of two cast-in-place concrete walls supporting an imposing two-sided prefabricated concrete structure with a highly complex shape. One of the faces represents a scale model (1:2000) of the hidden face of the moon, while the other is a climbing wall. This magnificent sculpture towers over the Université de Montréal’s Campus MIL.

This video link, provided by the City of Montréal, features the 29.53 artwork.

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Montréal, Outremont Borough

Photo credit

Sylviane Robini
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